A Student’s Checklist for Planning a College Essay

College Essays are an important part of the college application. Each college has applicants who have excelled in their academics or extracurricular or both. It is through the college essay that the colleges sift through the crowd and choose their applicants. 

A professional essay writer can help guide you through the process, choosing the right topic, however, is up to you.

The dream essay is an original writing that is true to the applicant and is flawless in its structure and style. It doesn’t come out from a day’s effort but takes shape over a period of months both on paper and in the applicant’s subconscious.

Get a headstart

Each student will be put in the same bucket as the rest. The only difference in their college essay writing service will be the time they have put into writing it. 

Starting early is not just a matter of gaining an advantage over other students. It is about finding the right topic to write and letting it grow into what you want it to be natural than forcefully.

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A good headstart will give you about two to three months before the essay deadline. 

Start late and chances are that you end up writing on a topic that doesn’t capture your character or aspirations. Or you end up with prose that is hurried or dull. 

Organize the information

Once you have decided on the colleges you want to apply for, it is important for you to collect and organize the information somewhere

College Name

Question type


Word Limit


College with a higher priority goes early

Main Essay 

Supplementary Essay

Copy it down word-to-word

Usually 350-800

Early Decision Deadline

Normal Deadline

This simple document will save you plenty of time to spend on the process of writing rather than worrying about missed deadlines. Store all of the information such that you won’t need to search the college website again. 

Keep in mind the main essays that match across colleges, so you can target many colleges at a time.


Finding the right topic to write is finding the best topic that will highlight character. It is a process that is as important as the writing itself. 

Our brain is learning and processing information either actively or passively. Most of our long term decisions are best sought out in our by our subconscious or passive phase. When we work on various options, we feed our brain with the information it needs to let our subconscious process the options and come up with a decision. Which is either an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment or a gradual clarity of mind. 

When deciding upon an write my essay topic or adding material to your essay. It is important to let yourself take a deep down into each possibility and let your decision form instead of forcing it. 

Another great advice for students is for them to keep a notebook with them. And jot down ideas as they leak from the subconscious into the conscious. The best time to use this trick is when your mind is winding down from just before you sleep and think about ideas.

Narrowing it down and Decide 

The never-ending process of brainstorming will no doubt narrow the range of topics to a selected few. Giving you, in the process, an advantage over other students who will no doubt write good essays but upon the wrong topics. 

For you to decide the topic it should do fulfil the following:

  • Does the topic highlight and connect various memories from your life? 
  • Does it connect with your aspiration?
  • Can you build the essay to include your aspirations?
  • Can you talk about your life struggles and how you developed as a character?

The essay evaluators at various colleges want an essay typer that allows them to picture your story through a string of potent memories. They also want an essay that makes them see your struggles in the process and guides them to what you aspire to be.

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